Passion, Desire and Lovemaking Abounds in Sweetwater

Harrison Ranch


Callie, now a grown woman from New York finds herself in the sleepy town of Sweetwater as it enters a new era of growth.  She finds the town, the citizens, and the ranch hands she cooks for all reasons to stay on.  Only her employer, Seth Harrison makes her question her remaining where her heart is in such danger.

Macgreger's Mail Order Bride


Mac finally decided as head of the family he needed to get married and raise children.  His younger siblings hope a female will make their oldest brother less abrupt.  Emily, the woman accompanying Mavis, the woman answering his advertisement for a bride isn't as convinced they will make a couple.

Midwife for Sweetwater


Midwife Rebecca arrives in the growing town of Sweetwater, a town growing in more ways than one.  She has dedicated her life to helping mothers and infants but could a man sidetrack her into forgetting those vows to take another?

A New Face in Sweetwater


Victoria was fleeing for her life and has landed in Sweetwater knowing no one.  She is sent to Abby, the wife of a man known to help women in trouble, by the friendly train conductor.  Hopefully the St. Michaels will offer help and support as this lost woman finds not only a forever home but true love as well.

Another Macgregor Returns


Archetech Jeremy Macgregor stops off home to introduce his intended only to be sidetracked by the now expanding town of Sweetwater. He finds leaving home isn't as easy as he once thought.

There is Always Hope


Hope has learned to live with the disfiguring birthmark that has defined her to many.  Now she faces a man who refuses to see her as defective pushing his way into her life and her heart.

Final Book for Sweetwater

New Banker in Town


Banker and ex-Confederate Officer, Paul Weaver arrives and unsettles Colette after finally finding a peaceful home. Can she once again protect her heart and her secret or will she find herself running away once again.

Happy Endings in Sweetwater


Citizens of Sweetwater find their happily-ever-afters as the town settles into a new era of growth and prosperity.  Surprises keep the town's people aware of new loves blossoming among the citizens and newcomers to town.