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Susan began her writing when she was still a young mother, trying to find time to type on the old Smith-Corona from hand written notes that she was able to scribble off between children's naps and cleaning.  Cleaning always came first, before any amusements; but she has decided that dust can be interesting and shirts don't need to be ironed to be wearable.    She now spends her time writing stories as dictated by her new friends so others can enjoy them as much as she does.


 Author Susan Payne  - now in print and e-pub 

History, especially the 1800s of western United States, has always held a draw for me.  Regency England with their women encircled by social restrictions juxtaposed with the American west where woman had to be as strong and independent as a man to survive. These are the women I write about.

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The first two stories of the Sweetwater Series are now in print and available in paperback and e-book. The following two, Midwife for Sweetwater and A New Face in Town will be released by May, 2020.

First Published Book


Harrison Ranch -

      Callie St. Michaels, an orphan from New York, felt her only hope for the future was to leave her sous chef position in St Louis. Finding a job as cook for a group of ranch hands in Sweetwater, Kansas, seemed both prophetic and serendipitous. She can continue to practice her recipes while feeding a sizable number of hungry men. Everyone is happy with the outcome except for one man – Seth Harrison, the owner of the ranch and Callie’s employer. 

      Callie bonds with her new home – her possibly forever home if the man living in the big house can see her as anything besides a lame woman too young to be doing the job she was doing. But she was growing to love the ranch, the people who lived there and, she feared, the man who was her boss.

     Seth isn’t sure why, but he feels uncomfortable around the young woman his attorney hired as the ranch hands’ cook. She hasn’t said anything improper, or is unable to do the work required, or is off-putting in any manner. In fact, she is well liked by all the other employees including his own housekeeper. So why does he get so unsettled around her?   

Macgreger Brother’s Mail Order Bride

     Mac, the oldest of the Macgregor family finds himself in need of a wife. His younger brothers have graduated university and at thirty-three he feels it time to marry and raise his own children. Answering the ad from a mail-order-bride, he is prepared for anything the young widow brings to the table.

     Except he finds himself more drawn to his intended’s female friend, Emily Johnston. In usual Mac style, he continues to stay with his original plan regardless of all signs indicating the two of them are not destined for happily ever-after.

Mavis Miller is frightened of the large man meant to be her husband. Although she tries to meet the man half-way, she can’t get over feeling their relationship is doomed. Especially when stronger desires pull her in another direction leaving Emily, her friend who accompanied Mavis to Sweetwater, Kansas, to tell Mac there won’t be a wedding. 

    His response?  “Somebody owes me a wife!”



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