Montana Lineman

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      Many times a story of a mail-order-bride involves a lovely, well-educated female arriving to meet her handsome, rich, perfect male and immediately have a chemistry together.  Then voila’...a marriage made in heaven. This is not that story. 

     This story is more realistic, about the times and people of the era while being true to the nature of caring and love that can develop between two people, no matter how different their temperaments.  

Vincent Walker, a railroad lineman in 1873, Montana, is tired of being alone in the middle of nowhere manning the railroad’s water tower. He found his solution in an advertisement for a husband placed by Daisy Jenson, a young woman leaving home to lessen the burden on her widowed mother of having to feed and clothe her. 

     The two lonely people make a life for themselves in the Montana wilderness, facing renegade Indians, outlaws and their own inadequacies. Daisy must learn to be a wife and more importantly, Vince must learn what it means to be a husband.

     In her loneliness, Daisy inadvertently befriends two renegade Sioux braves who help the couple in exchange for cookies and pies.

    The young couple finally understands one another, their relationship grows, and they fall in love. Vince must move into town to recuperate when he is injured by disgruntled soldiers roaming the country after the civil war. His boss, Dakota, a bear of a man who was an engineer and land buyer for the railroads finds that Daisy, pretty, shy and loyal is just what he thinks is missing from his life. 

    Jealousy erupts between the once good-friends and Daisy, although unknowing of the conflict, helps her husband’s boss realize that he already has what he desires and must learn to appreciate a woman who has been in his life for years.

     While Vince is recuperating, Daisy meets the owner of the boarding house, widowed Molly Wells, who is a little older and more experienced than the young bride, but in need of a friend. While Daisy waits in town through the winter for her child to be born, Molly’s life is about to be turned upside down. 

The woman had been following the railroad for years and Dakota had always had an on-again off-again relationship with her although she remained constant in her feelings for him. With Daisy’s help, Molly learns to gain control of her own life once more and finds her inner strength. 

      Both women learn much about life and the men they love during a long Montana winter while the men come to the realization that fate has been very good to them. The two couples learn what is most important to them both. 

    These characters represent what was good about the west and the strong men and women who  went there to find a life worthy of passing on to their children. 

Soon to be released

Published by Literary Wanderlust and released by Fall of 2020.  Check this site or Amazon Books for release date.